Private Cloud adoption makes no sense!

In this landmark paper we challenge the current appetite for private clouds and explain why economic, organisational and other drivers will quickly kill off this approach. In great detail we explore current thinking, models and objections and demonstrate that the only logical conclusion is to move to public cloud offerings from cloud service providers. Failure to do this will severely restrict an organisation's ability to compete effectively.

If you are a service provider, or you are an organisation investing in a private cloud, then read this white paper now. It will change your thinking.

Within this 12-page white paper you will learn:

  • What the real drivers behind cloud adoption are
  • Why private cloud is inherently flawed as a business strategy in the face of the public cloud alternatives
  • Why public cloud is such a powerful economic force
  • Where hybrid clouds fit into the puzzle and what models apply
  • Under what circumstances hybrid cloud can be a good option
  • The differences in scope and scale between the service provider and the private cloud operator
  • Why ‘Cucumber’ is useful to you!
  • How common objections to public cloud can be quickly dispelled
  • What the emergence of AC and DC alternatives teaches us about why private cloud approaches will have a short lifespan.

You cannot afford to not read this paper.

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