451 Research Group's Analysis of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

This independent report, written by 451 Research Group, includes an analysis of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator version 3.0 and Flexiant's overall place in the cloud market.

By reading this report, you will learn why 451 Group concludes that Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is an industry double threat.

451 Research Group make a number of other observations:

  • "Flexiant has rare depth of experience in this emerging market.”
  • "On the one hand, its software…does overlap functionally with management and automation products…On the other hand – and reflecting the company's heritage – the software is also a true cloud OS…Whichever way you look at it, Flexiant is proving itself in the market.”
  • "Meeting the needs of service providers calls for much more than simply spinning up VMs, and thanks to its heritage inside a hosting company, Flexiant is in a position to understand the requirements at first hand."
  • “Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator combines fundamental cloud enablement à la OpenStack with sophisticated management and automation."

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451 Research Group's Analysis of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator